Angerz is awesomesauce.


Angela Fisher is the host of the FauxShow, a show that "is not a real show, it's a social experience". The FauxShow used to air on Wednesdays, but moved to Thursdays in early 2013.

Angela has also appeared as a main co-host on two episodes of Jupiter@Nite and has made cameo appearances on In Depth Look.


Angela also writes about her experiences and product reviews related to motherhood on her blog, MomVault.


  • Angela's nicknames in the Jupiter Broadcasting IRC chatroom include OfficeAngela, AngPaddle, and MuhFace.
  • One time Chris took over her IPad and started chatting as her so she logged on to his computer and started chatting as him.


  • "Cause I don't look at you, I look at the chatroom which is here, here, here, here and here."

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